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Alpha Betta

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My internet connection is finally up and not crapping out on me every few minutes. I hope everyone has been well, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch w/ folks I don't see/talk to by phone. I have a great deal to do these days between writing and my fish business. I breed fish and live fish food, now. These tasks take up the majority of my time, and I'm constantly expanding. Eventually, I hope to open up a specialty shop- one with proper ecological and humane practices as an alternative to the pet shops. Fish are one of the only pets for whom it is possible create a mini ecosystem with healthy values that are measurable and easily definable. I, as well as some other biochem savvy aquarium-keeping folk are working on compiling list of the environments necessary to keep particular fish and groups of fish. The info given out at your regular PetCo and PetSmart and unfortunately also most privately-owned shops are incorrect and dangerous to your fish. I began by "rescuing" some pet fish that were not being properly kept, and have since learned how too keep eco-friendly aquariums. I am mostly focused on the betta species- not only the betta splendens, but also many other bettas whose natural habitats are vanishing. Since so little is known about many of them, they are not often bred successfully in captivity, but people who find how to keep them properly have no trouble breeding them. I have many rescued fish, though I attempt to re-home most of them once they are healthy again. All of the fish I breed are from other breeders with equally high standards. Here are some photos of my bettas. I will have some available for sale and for free to good homes in 2 months. Talk to you soon!!

*Any signature or e-mail etc. on photos of fish are not mine. They may belong to the breeders and/or photographer.




Captain Burbank

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