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the dragging of the day.  i want to find a job where i am allowed to write in my down time.  it infuriates me that when there is absolutely nothing to do at work the find something unnecessary.  when i finished a project that took me six hours to do, they had another person begin doing it as i was leaving.  i won't even get credit for doing it right because someone else did it last.  what a waste of human energy.  if my health were better i'd join something like the peace corps.  i'd work myself to death if it could undo some of the evil the united states government does in the name of its people.  i wouldn't lift a hair on my left little toe to line the pockets of rich repulicans with more benjamins, but i'd die to put some food on a the plates of the orphans of our pointlessly aggressive foreign negotiations. at least that way my life would mean something.  whether i live humbly for a cause or die for it, at least i will do one unselfish thing to give my life meaning. all i see is abuse of power, and misuse of policy.  whether it is my stupid little job in my insignificant little life, or things that will probably destroy our homeostatic little rock.
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On November 6th, 2007 08:02 pm (UTC), staroceanss commented:
I agree with you on some points. I mean to be honest I have some pretty slow times at work as well. I have to come up with something to do to fill my time. I do realize that the entirety of society in the states is a bit out of wack. I really wish a lot of things could be different about it. I kind of see both democrats and republicans as having problems. I lean a little bit to the conservative side at least in morals. I usually never discuss politics. It really only annoys me whenever I do. I tend to be rather nonpolitical in most respects. I'm an independent as far as the parties are concerned. I wish I could sort out all the problems in this nation however there's really not a whole lot I can do. I can only influence the people around me and if I can affect change around me then that's what I'm going to do.
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On November 7th, 2007 01:43 am (UTC), maybeimamazed replied:
i am also independent, no partisan etc. i don't like any successful politicians.

every individual having the attitude that they cannot change things is what leads to no one standing up for change. after living in olympia wa, where the majority of people do make an active effort and after seeing the difference between there and the majority of other US cities, i became a believer in acting locally and thinking globally- that whole cliche. i hate discussing this kind of thing because pretty much only people who take no part in provoking change say that nothing can be done- and they don't seem to know the necessary channels or anything about people and groups who are changing things. that isn't directed toward you, i have no idea what your lifestyle is like or what kinds of things you do with your free time/career/etc. this country has a lot of great things about it, but its foreign policy, and the systematic destruction of citizens rights- ie. patriot act, is slowly but surely eliminating those good things.

every decision you make, and every time a person makes the decision to not act- they are affecting the planet, and they are affecting their communities- whether it be their household, their village, town, country, planet... i do not necessarily think my way of looking at things is absolutely correct, nor do i think that buying biodegradable laundry detergent or things like that is going to save the planet- but i'm one less person who doesn't weigh every decision carefully. in the long run, if i can die knowing that i lived by the best standards i could, i will have had a meaningful existence.
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On November 10th, 2007 03:34 am (UTC), midnightclimax commented:
I just think it's cool that you can use the word homeostatic in a sentence. :)

Don't worry about the little rock. It's survived asteroid bombardment with barely a scratch. Global warming is just an immune response to human infestation.
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On November 11th, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC), maybeimamazed replied:
global warming is a much more complex phenomenon than most people give it credit for. if you limit your sources to scientific journals that are ecology-specific and sans political agenda the information is quite different from the run of the mill information. odds on, it seems that the majority of the damage done that is the cause of future global catastrophes of the future, reached that point quite some time ago. regardless of how much we change our ways or not, there's no way to fix most of the damage inflicted previous to 1985. overpopulation is an enormous problem and is the essential cause, i agree. what cracks me up is that every average joe on the street seems to be a self-proclaimed expert on global warming while the actual experts agree that even they do not understand historical global weather patterns, and do not know what the outcome will be- yet most agree that most likely the massive excess leading to waste and pollution shall lead to our species eventual end.

isn't it every american's right to destroy the planet in exchange for gestures of power that end in a short-lived empty joy?

i must sound like an unpleasant person. i typically avoid talking about this stuff. its depressing and i'm usually either preaching to the choir or to a brick wall. i like to leave the preaching to people who enjoy it, generally. i just want to do things my way and i can feel good about my way so long as it isn't excessive or unnecessarily obstructive to other living things. some of my lifestyle still needs a lot of work to match my standards, so i can't very well tell anyone how they ought to live. but i can think quietly to myself about how i wish everyone else would live- and i can write about it on livejournal and ignore dumbass comments.

i respond to you not because i disagree with what you say, but because you are thoughtful and interesting.
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